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Know your audience.
Understand their emotions.

Take action that inspires change.

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Adam Slater


Know your audience - Understand their emotions - Take action that inspires change. It's more than a slogan, it's how we see the world.


Clarafy Research specializes in public opinion research & insights for communicators, corporate strategists, public affairs professionals, and organizations looking to better understand their audience and issue. 

With expertise in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, research specializes include: reputation insights, public affairs, politics, customer insights, and focus group & in-depth interview moderation. 


I'm Adam Slater, the founder of Clarafy Research. I began my career working on political campaigns and as a Congressional staffer before leading reputation and public affairs insights campaigns for global brands at top communications agencies and polling firms. 

A lifelong learner, I pursued an MBA from Johns Hopkins University in my 30s, and earned a degree from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. (Go Orange!) Both experiences provided me the opportunity to deeply understand the intersection of politics and business, which I continue to study today. 

Originally from New Jersey, I spent over a decade in Washington DC, and currently reside in Illinois's Chicagoland area.  

Adam Slater, Clarafy Research Solutions
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Research & Insights

  • Quantitative Research (Surveys & Polls) to guide messaging, audience analysis, and marketing strategy 

  • Qualitative Research Discussions to road test communications and assess landscape  

  • Creative AssetTesting to optimize your asset and ensure it moves your audience

Research Operations

  • Qualitative Moderation: Focus Groups, in-depth interviews (IDIs), Ethnographies, Online Discussion Boards

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Field Management: full operational management of opinion research programs - any audience, anywhere across the globe

Clarafy's Story

Each of my kids' names are represented in the company name and tagline - because no parent should be accused of playing favorites.  

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